Competition law and intellectual property rights

The regulation of competition and protection of intellectual property rights has a pivotal importance in the business world. Enforcement of said regulations is particularly important in Peru as it is in the process of implementation of free trade agreements entered into by the Peruvian Government and new agreements which are expected to be signed in short time.

We provide legal services in matters of free trade, copyright, intellectual property and consumer’s defense. Our services includes legal defense from unfair competition, enforcement of free market regulations, registration, protection and defense of trademarks, commercial names, slogans, patents, industrial designs and utility models.

Our services in these matters also include the legal defense at administrative and judicial courts.

  • Free competition.
  • Disloyal competition.
  • Antitrust.
  • Dumping and subsidies.
  • Legal proceedings before the National Agency for the Defense of free Competition an Intellectual Property Rights (INDECOPI).
  • Trademark registration, defense, renewal and cancellation.
  • Registration of patents, industrial designs and utility models.
  • Trademark related agreements (license, use, transfer).
  • Opposition to and nullity of third party trademark registration.
  • Franchising.
  • Access to market.