Labor and migratory law

We understand the importance of managing labor costs, and it is our philosophy to be resourceful to our clients in solving current problems, and preventing future losses. We offer our clients legal advice in all aspects related to labor law including contract negotiation, collective bargaining, pension funds, hiring of foreign personnel, migratory issues, litigation, administrative proceedings before the Labor Ministry and other agencies, etc. We also provide specialized labor due dilligence services as well as advice in developing alternatives to manage potential liabilities. Our services also include legal assistance in safety and health matters.

  • Legal compliance auditing and due diligence.
  • Union relations.
  • Collective bargaining.
  • Assistance in structuring company´s salary policy.
  • Tax matters related to salaries and other labor obligations.
  • Outsourcing.
  • Contracting of national and foreign workers.
  • Social security and pension funds.
  • Labor planning and risk/costs management.
  • Risks management systems.
  • Safety and health auditing.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Migratory issues.
  • Administrative and judicial litigation.