Administrative and regulatory law

In Peru there are several public agencies for the regulation, supervision and control of privatized economic activities and public services. Our services include legal advice as well as defense and representation in cases related to matters administered by all the regulatory agencies. We also assist our clients in contentious proceedings before the supervising agency for governmental contracting (OSCE).

In general, we are ready to efficiently serve our clients in all aspects of administrative law, whatever their specific need might be, whether it be obtaining permits, authorizations or licenses required for the normal development of their operations and business, filing administrative claims, providing assistance during regulatory control processes, legal defense from penalties or illegal charges, and the like.

  • Authorizations, licenses and permits.
  • Administrative proceedings before the ministries, municipalities, regulatory bodies, and public agencies.
  • Contesting of fines and other penalties.
  • Petition rights.
  • Project Technical Approvals (ITF – Informe Técnico Favorable).
  • Contracting with the government.
  • Public auctions and biddings.
  • Concessions of public services and works (electricity, telecommunications, transport infrastructure, water treatment).
  • Privatization of State- owned companies.
  • Claims in public acquisitions processes and solution of controversies.
  • Advice in legal proceedings before the regulatory agencies.
  • Legal assistance during control actions by regulatory agencies.
  • Management of post – privatization responsibilities.
  • Legal defense in conflicts related to contracts with the government.
  • Collection processes.
  • Litigation against governmental agencies.