Corporative law

As a law firm, we are aimed at providing companies and investors conducting or planning to conduct business in Peru with a comprehensive advice in all the aspects of today´s business law.
We provide legal advice in all aspects of corporate activity ranging from the selection of an appropriate business entity, for starting companies to its dissolution and liquidation. We assist our local and international clients in the incorporation of all kind of companies, branches and subsidiaries, in mergers and acquisition, corporation reorganization, restructuring and bankruptcy, as well as in aspects related to local and international corporate contracting (joint venture, consortium, corporate collaboration, leasing, financial agreements, trusts, franchising, guarantees, and so forth).

Our services include conducting due dilligence investigations in case of company or business acquisition, financing, and other legal transactions.

  • International business.
  • Holdings and subsidiaries.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Stock market.
  • Corporate governance.
  • Joint ventures and consortium agreements.
  • Business transactions of all types.
  • Incorporation of companies and branches.
  • Increase and reduction of capital.
  • Share transfer and encumbrances.
  • Company dissolution and liquidation.
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Privatization processes.
  • Due dilligence.